Germany The Holocaust

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To douse growing anti-semitism, germans call for holocaust education for recent migrants

Berlin, germany: reminders of a troubled past

How germany grapples with its dark nazi past

Concentration camp - the war, a nebraska story

Former auschwitz guard apologises to holocaust victims

Auschwitz birkenau german nazi concentration and extermination camp (1940-1945) (unesco/nhk)

Holocaust survivor testimonies: jewish life in nazi germany

German jews remember holocaust (1945)

Auschwitz concentration camp

Glimpses of jewish life before the holocaust

Germany unveils roma holocaust memorial

Auschwitz: drone video of nazi concentration camp - bbc news

Auschwitz birkenau german nazi concentration and extermination camp (1940-1945) (unesco/nhk)

Belsen: destruction of camp (1945)

Auschwitz survivors reunited 70 years on

Gay pride: albrecht becker on gay life in 1934 germany

Nazi leader's son: 'don't trust us' germans - bbc news

The path to nazi genocide

German holocaust survivor gives view on the rise of afd | dw english

Wwii veteran recalls liberation of buchenwald

Hitler’s furies: women of the third reich holocaust living history -- the library channel

Nazi medical crimes | dw documentary

W5: new generation visits nazi death camp

People and politics | how germany is helping reconstruct the fates of holocaust victims

Persecution of homosexuals in germany: during and after the holocaust - geoffrey giles

The rise of the nazis | history

Adolf hitler: speech at krupp factory in germany (1936) | british pathé

British troops enter belsen (1945)

Germany: remembrance day for holocaust victims

Top 5 disturbing facts about nazi experiments

German mps remember victims of the holocaust

Auschwitz concentration camp reel 2 (1945)

'accountant of auschwitz' holocaust trial begins in germany

Germany: holocaust: 56th anniversary

Germany marks 60 years since first agreement on holocaust compensation

A holocaust survivor tells her story | dw documentary

Germany: controversial holocaust book is published

History of jewish holocaust - यूरोप में यहूदियों के साथ क्या हुआ था? - nazi germany & world war ii

Germany marks 75 years since beginning of holocaust at kristallnacht

Germany: world jewish congress meet officials for holocaust talks

Granddaughters of a nazi and a holocaust survivor share a journey

Us holocaust museum opens new research centre

Holocaust survivor testimonies: warnings before the german occupation

Top 10 holocaust films

The role of the german army during the holocaust: a brief summary.

Germany/israel - holocaust 50 years on

Holocaust survivor recalls the brutal punishments meted out to the prisoners in the helmbrechts camp

James young: germany's holocaust memorial

Germany: holocaust survivors demand compensation from farben

Holocaust survivor testimonies: munkács under german rule

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