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Revolutionary: michael behe and the mystery of molecular machines

Michael behe is returning with his latest book, darwin devolves

A german scientist speaks out about intelligent design

Amazing flagellum : michael behe and the revolution of intelligent design

How marcos eberlin discovered intelligent design

Jonathan wells, author of zombie science: fossil finds only confuse human origins

No, you're not a robot made out of meat (science uprising 02)

Stephen meyer: darwin’s doubt

Did you know that a growing number of scientists doubt the darwinian theory of evolution?

Who is the “godfather” of intelligent design?

James tour: the mystery of the origin of life

Molecular machines and the death of darwinism

Be grateful for the intelligent design of your eyes

Michael behe: up close and personal

Eric metaxas interviews stephen meyer on science and faith

Darwin devolves- the new science about dna that challenges evolution by michael behe

Marcos eberlin on debating intelligent design with evolutionists

Eric metaxas: the miracle of the universe

Darwin knew nothing about this but richard dawkins knows it all...#thebigbangtheroy

Michael behe announces forthcoming book, darwin devolves

The truth about the discovery institute

Water, ultimate giver of life, points to intelligent design

Jay richards: the privileged planet

Information enigma: where does information come from?

Intelligent design 3.0 by stephen meyer and doug axe

Michael behe interviewed by apologetics315

"random: a carefully selected word" dr. michael behe

"evidence of design is easy to see" dr. michael behe

Stephen meyer: god and the origin of the universe

Flat earth myth: a favorite with id critics

Darwinism and scientific discovery

Great minds: michael medved and stephen meyer: what is life

A challenge for intelligent design: the discovery institute responds

Evolution and intelligent design part 2: the science!!!

The war on humans

Last days of darwinism, with dr. stephen c. meyer

American podium: dr. david berlinski - the devil's delusion

Eberlin: mass spectrometry as a tool for intelligent design

Intelligent design | intelligent design vs evolution 2018

Holiday message from stephen meyer

Stephen meyer: looking forward to highlights of 2019, a big year for id

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