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Herman and sharron - dr. ted and sharon broer "eat clean and be healthy"

Ted broer - god's way to ultimate health (part 1 of 2)

Church online: dr. ted broer from health masters

Is hij nou wel of niet onze broer? - vlog #78 - healthy sisters

Ted broer - a healthy lifestyle (session 1/5)

Ted broer - god's way to ultimate health (part 2 of 2)

Homekeepers - sharon broer

Eat drink & be healthy pt1 natural cures revealed and causes of diseases

Herman and sharron - dr. ted and sharon broer "top 10 legal drugs to avoid"

Ted broer - cancer, diet, obesity, and weight loss (session 3/5)

Herman and sharron - dr. ted and sharon broer - "magnesium, the miracle cure"

Dr ted broer talks about toxic foods we eat -

Ted broer - breaking dietary addictions and habit (session 2/5)

Herman and sharron - dr. ted broer

Ted broer - stress management + top 10 foods not to eat (session 5/5)

Herman and sharron - ted and sharon broer "breakthrough health"

Herman and sharron - dr. ted and sharon broer - "joint rebuilding formula"

Herman and sharron - dr. ted and sharon broer, austin broer "maximum memory"

Ted broer - heart disease, diabetes, and dietary factors (session 4/5)

Herman and sharron ted & sharon broer

Eat drink & be healthy pt3 natural cures revealed and causes of diseases

Ted broer - spirit, soul and body

Herman and sharron - dr. ted and sharon broer "immune disorder"

Dr ted broer; eat drink be healthy; top ten foods never to eat; natural cures

Eat clean and be healthy: dr ted broer, sharon broer and austin broer

Dr. ted broer - top 10 foods never to eat

The good life - dr. ted & sharon broer, roy fields

Herman and sharron - dr. ted and sharon broer "stress"

Eat drink & be healthy pt2 natural cures revealed and causes of diseases

The gift of excellent health 2017: dr ted broer with doug and joe hagmann

How to stay healthy over the holidays: dr ted broer, sharon broer with doug and joe hagmann

Ted broer and healthy lifestyles

Gmo foods and why they are so controversial - ted broer -

Tips for healthy weight loss

Benny hinn - breakthrough health, part 1

Mijn broer?! - youstoub vlog - #272

2013: top ten foods never to eat

Ted broer - comercial, free health, gmo nutrition, putin

Maximum health - top 10 foods part 3 of 3

Dr ted broer what happens when you eat pork

The link between obesity and cancer

Dr. ted broer talks chemtrails and why some people can't see them

Prepper acronyms and terms

Ted broer on ebola -

10 foods not to eat

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